Text100 Entertains for pre DMfest event – itsReal

Have just come back from Text100‘s pre-event dinner for DMfest 2008 to be held in Singapore – we were met by SiTF the organisers and a few speakers that will be at the event on the 30 – 31 October in Singapore – my fellow invited guests were bloggers, social media true believers – and UGC’s – yes it means User Generated Content – Tech65 as an example – I was there to represent The Digital Movement – TDM.

I won’t babble here about the importance of and the value that DMfest 2008 will offer those that have a passion for this space – the details are below. But clearly the conversations that were carried out whilst munching on pizza and raw fish you can easily see that passion will drive this event to success.

For me it was my fourth meeting of the day – the meeting prior was very cool as I was able to demo Virtual Geek Terminal in twinity to one of the owners of the real Geek Terminal who got very excited – it looks so real he said – that I was a bit too tired to contribute – that said sometimes listening is the best thing you can do somtimes – clearly the event is being well organized, the speaker line up impressive for a 1st time event and with Text100 driving the publicity support – all together it means if you have a passion for Digital Media and User Generated Content you should attend this event and learn just a bit more – i did tonight.

For more information on DMfest 2008, visit their event website
Click here to register now!
For enquiries, contact the event secretariat today!
T: +65 6829 7516
F: +65 6220 6116
E: secretariat@dmfest.com

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6 responses to “Text100 Entertains for pre DMfest event – itsReal

  1. Andrew, thanks very much for supporting this event. I’m glad you enjoyed the nosh and conversation at Text100’s briefing. The festival is presenting lots of great speakers and screenings for folks interested in making a business around Internet video.

  2. Hi Andrew, it was great to be a part of the discussion – some interesting opinions on UGC, the lack of a monetization model and the general SG online space. The panel discussions at DMfest should generating more interesting points! Thanks for joining us!

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  4. Pam

    Thanks for joining us at the meetup! It was great to meet you and we hope you can join us at DM Fest also. See you then!

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