Singapore Tattoo Show & Singapore Tattoo Directory

Positive Blog post by Noel Boyd regarding singapore’s tattoo industry

excerpt below….

In a post last week, I mentioned about the Singapore Tattoo Show that’s gonna happen next year. It’s that just awesome? If the Tattoo Show doesn’t lift the local tattoo scene to a whole new level, I dunno what will.

I told a group of girls that interviewed me last week that the tattoo industry here is booming. It might just be the fastest growing industry in Singapore. It’s a safe bet to assume that anyone who is willing to invest in the tattoo industry now, will make money. It could be a tattoo themed merchandise & apparel shop or a tattoo affiliated pub.

On the Singapore Tattoo Directory that I compiled for this blog, there are 53 shops in Singapore. I added Andrew Skin Tattoo Studio over the weekend after chancing upon it while having supper. I hope to add Jayen’s new tattoo shop at Ang Mo Kio in the next few days. So yeah, the list will read 54 soon.

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2 responses to “Singapore Tattoo Show & Singapore Tattoo Directory

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  2. Last time I was in singapore I saw some amazing tattoo work walking on the street… especially on some fantastic talent!

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