Magic, Mirrors and the Slump: Where is the SL Economy? | Rezzable

Thought provoking article definitely worth the time to read…..

Excerpt below

So it really could be that harder economic times might mean more interest in virtual world–or more escapism in general. Virtual worlds are still very cost-effective for the user. But SL in particular has built itself around the economy and the hope of making money is this brave new virtual online world. Let’s take a more serious look at the Second Life economy in sec, but the other issue is the idea of the mirror-world that newcomers like Twinity are offering up. While SL has become rich and sluggish, Twinity is targeting the mainstream people that want to extend their real life experience into the virtual world. But then there is the risk of adding real world constraints up top of the many inworld constraints. Twinity for example doesn’t allow flying (i like to fly). But the battle is not about realistic or creative–it is for the mainstream audiences that are curious about the virtual world, but not interested in Second LIfe.

via Magic, Mirrors and the Slump: Where is the SL Economy? | Rezzable

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  1. thanks for pick-up. Lot of things in flux regarding virtual world platforms. In general looks like big opportunities to walk through the doorway that Second Life opened.

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