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To be quite honest… my last book that I read with anticpation was David Meerman Scotts’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR – since then the hectic reality of Singapore business life made me believe that there is no time to read, how wrong am I. The opportunities to increase and support my belief in social media, web 2.0 & Blogging where driven home after I read David’s book – i would joke with people, have you seen my BIBLE.

Now come’s along Rohit’s *personality not included, it has sat on my spare couch since I went to the evening at Ogilvy’s office in Singapore – the embossed colourful chickens on the front cover trying to tempt me to take a peak. Even the forward by Guy Kawasaki, not enough to break the NOISE from my daily client servicing, to learn something new.

*personality not included, is doing just that, I am learning new things based on real situations. So much so that I am reading the book in cafes, taxis & buses. I have this awesome Accenture Promotional gift which is a highlighter one end and tiny post-it note styled tabs at the other, I am highlighting, Tabbing all i find interesting and “it makes alot of sense” points in Rohit’s book. I am reading it slow- re-reading if I did not get it the first time, I am involved in the book, making sure I understand it completely.

I would urge any blogger that wants to take their new found role in the internet seriously to pick up a copy, I hope to be a more “aspirational” blogger as a result of Rohit’s book…

More to come….

So far, getting Great !


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2 responses to “Review: *Personality not included – Rohit Bhargava Part 2 – itsReal

  1. Andrew,

    Thanks for picking up the book, taking the time to read it and sharing your experience. As an author, it’s always interesting to me to see how people read and use the book. Some people skip right to Pg 185 and start using the guides, others take their time with the book. I hope when you do make it through that you find some of the ideas useful in your daily job. To me, that’s the best way to judge if the book is a good one or not.

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