MMPOW – Podcast: Norbert Meinike at Twinity

Podcast: Norbert Meinike at Twinity

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Image: Launch of Virtual Berlin with the Mayor – Real & Virtual

In this podcast I’m joined by Norbert Meinike, Chief Marketing Officer of Twinity. Twinity is a mirror virtual world, which has initially created a virtual replica of Berlin and is soon expanding to London and Singapore. We’ve covered Twinity extensively here on the Virtual Worlds Forum blog, partly because of the fascinating potential I believe a mirror world has to really shake up the virtual worlds space, bringing both new users and advertisers to the market. Twinity on Friday announced a partnership with UK media company Twofour as part of their move into the UK with the creation of the virtual London.

A few of the topics covered in the interview:

* The potential of mirror worlds to make the virtual world concept more easily comprehensive to users

* Twinity’s business model, and how they are going about attracting new brands to virtual world advertising

* The major disadvantage – the need to develop a 3D replica of a city rather than simply let users create the content themselves


via MMPOW – Podcast: Norbert Meinike at Twinity.

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