BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual worlds carve out new path

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Twinity is a virtual world from Metaversum with avatars that walk around real cities. Metaversum chief executive Jochen Hummel says people can feel as though they have been to a city.


Hoping to change that is Twinity, one of a growing number of games determined to make a link between the virtual world and the real.

Capturing the twin trends of social networking and fascination with 3D worlds, the Berlin-based firm is creating a backdrop that allows users to hang out in some of the world’s most famous cities.

So far it has launched virtual Berlin – a faithful replica of the real thing – to public trial.

Next year a virtual London will be available with online models of Singapore and New York joining at some point after that.

People can explore their city of choice, visit shops, art galleries and museums and build apartments.

“Fantasy worlds give you freedom and allow you to fly but the fantasy element limits them for the real world,” said Jochen Hummel, the chief executive of Metaversum, the company behind Twinity.

“Teenage boys are the biggest users but for adults there is a need to improve their real lives rather than escape from them,” he said.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual worlds carve out new path.

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