Avatars Help Disabled Users in Virtual Worlds – itsReal

As myself a child who grew up most of his life with a disabled parent, I undertand fully how Virtual Worlds have and are an opportunity for disabled people to become part of a community where their disabilities are of NO consequence.

I applaud and support any virtual world initiatives to assist bring those that are confined in one way or another the opportunity to contribute and share experiences unimaginable without the use of Virtual Worlds technology.

If there are programs which anyome is developing or in play already and would like my assistance to publicize contact me – APLINK

From Dusan Writer’s Blog….

“Here in this life I’m pretty much confined to my home and this room. I don’t see adults. It’s difficult to go out and talk with people. It’s really nice to be able to go out and dance. I love to dance.”

via Dusan Writer’s Metaverse » Avatars Help Disabled Users in SL.

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