sered: Twinity: in world jobs -itsReal

On Sered’s blog he lets us know how to build your finance in Twinity – make your spare time into learning about 3D Virtual Worlds and get paid – jump in now before it’s too crowded…

Sered wrote “If I would need more Globals, I could do two things: buy them directly from Twinity, or apply for a job. Twinity has a collection of jobs on offer: DJ, waiter, usher, photographer, stuff like that. Spend 10 hours online doing one of these, and you earn 500 Globals! To be honest, I have no idea how much that is, but it amounts to 50 Globals per hour, so that thing better be worth something”

sered second life: Twinity: in world jobs

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  1. How much is 50 globals in the real world? 🙂

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