Mirko Caspar to Speak at Virtual Worlds Forum London – itsReal

Metaversum’s Mirko Caspar CMO for Twinity will be speaking at the Second VWF, if in London between 6 & 7 October 08 – drop by and catch up with him, he knows all the stuff u want to know about twinity (wink) – his panel are speaking on….

Web 2.0 strategy and virtual worlds

Integrating virtual worlds into your web 2.0 strategy – harnessing social networks, virtual worlds and MMOs to create community

  • Playing to the strengths of social networks and virtual worlds – what are they each good at?
  • How can they be mixed and for what? What role might casual gaming play in their integration?
  • What should a mass market casual virtual world look like?
  • How interested are social network players in adding virtual worlds to their offerings? How is partnering developing?
  • Will virtual worlds grow into social networks themselves? How good are they at supporting them?
  • Looking at the collision of mobile social networks and virtual worlds – where will people consume?

Raph Koster, President, Metaplace
Marco Behrmann, CIO & Entropia Universe Community Director, MindArk PE AB
Mirko Caspar, CMO & Co-founder, Metaversum
Burckhardt Bonello, Founder & CEO, sMeet
Stuart Dredge, Freelance journalist and blogger, covering games, music and technology


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