Top 10 Time Wasters in Singapore – itsReal

It is kinda hard to believe that you can waste time in a sometimes always hectic city like Singapore however this is my Top 10 list of Time Wasters in Asia’s most ideal city Singapore.

  1. having to be dropped at the nearest taxi stand to your actual meeting place
  2. having to then find the place you are meant to go cause taxi can’t take you to the door lah
  3. having to go to your nearest taxi stand to get a cab – flagging cabs not allowed lah
  4. having to wait in sweaty taxi Q for your turn to catch a cab
  5. having music on hold waiting for taxi company to answer your booking call
  6. having no taxi available after waiting to hear the result of your booking call
  7. having to listen to taxi drivers explain Singapore Taxi surcharges, which keep getting bigger lah
  8. having to count your coins because taxi driver has no change lah
  9. having to tell a Singapore Taxi driver how to get where you want to go lah
  10. giving up on Singapore Taxi’s and waiting for a Mercedes Public Transport bus lah


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2 responses to “Top 10 Time Wasters in Singapore – itsReal

  1. reason2smile

    How come you’re now so Singlish lah?

  2. I thought there are plenty of other ways to waste time 🙂

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