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It has been almost a year since i wrote this entry, FaceBook Addiction is Growing vs Being a Business Drone in LinkedIn, and 12 months later I find that the then Addiction to facebook, has evolved instead into being, facebook my reliable business companion.

facebook managers to meld very human needs for being entertained while being social online whilst also helping members to be effective and professional to new friends & new clients around the world, LinkedIn remains the stiff business social network where u feel as though you must wear a tie every time you log in. Some of linkedIn’s ice is melting but i doubt that it will ever find the idealized green pastures that facebook offers.

facebook’s new look – which again users get to choose which version they want to work with, is comfortable to use and likable – only about 3 months ago i learnt where the biggest value for members lies – and that is in the newsfeeds from friends. It has now become a regular daily event seeing what my facebook circle and their friends are up to – strangely at the beginning of my facebook journey – i rec’d an email from a biz contact in Australia that warned me about the content i was adding as it was turning up on their news feeds and they actually called my excited postings – SPAM – i think they un-friended me.

Reality shows that the amount you put into facebook – whether social or business, results in what you get out of the experience – it is truly a delight to meet my friends in REAL social occasions and have them comment on what i still excitedly add to facebook every single day…. but Twinity is just around the corner (wink)

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  1. Greets! Really interesting. Big ups!

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