Intel to serve Second Life to handheld devices – itsReal

Please see last minute edit below and i want to hear from anyone working on getting virtual worlds onto mobile devices – APLINK

Whilst skimming thru news about Virtual Worlds I picked up this gem – how soon this will become a stable consumer product from Intel (thinking that it will rely on wireless internet even if it is the 3G ?) who knows but if I ponder today at how many people on buses and trains have there faces and fingers engaged (super glued) in gaming devices or all kinds, it would be a great move to make virtual worlds available on handheld devices too… keep working on it Intel !

Intel are working on a new client/server model for their Mobile Internet Device (MID) platform, which would take advantage of high-speed wireless networking to make up for the relatively low-power processors fitted to the touchscreen devices themselves. Demonstrating the system with a mobile Second Lifeapp, Intel’s solution is to host its own servers on which the heavy processing work is done, funneling the data through 3G or WiMAX-style connections to the MID.

read more at Slashgear

Edit : I hate getting things wrong, have just re-read and the disappointment is that the handheld device acts as a server for faster delivery to another computer – hmmm – guess virtual worlds on mobile devices are very much in the future – does anyone know of companies/people working on solutions i would like to know about them ?

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