NEW Virtual World Community for creative Talents – itsReal

Popularity is contagious – a new Virtual Community has arrived at Ning….

About My Metaverse is about developing the new media arts and community across all the virtual worlds. Here’s where you can upload your original music, original machinima or movies, start a blog or comment on others, join a group like the musicians, the machinimatographers, the journalists, the comedians and actors – and of course any of the Virtual World groups. This is also a place where you can send out news stories to the online journalists in the NEWS group.

Current Membership is nearing 100 – however i foresee that its membership will mushroom based on the target segments it has shown, come on Twinizens join My Metaverse as here is a window to the world that you can show your skills and creative talents !!!!

Good Luck My Metaverse


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2 responses to “NEW Virtual World Community for creative Talents – itsReal

  1. I wanted to publicly thank you for your kind coverage of the baby My Metaverse. We have been up and running for only one week and I am happy to report that in that week we have attracted 106 artists, musicians, machinimatographers and film makers, writers, and other artists who are playing their role in the development of the new media arts in the pioneer world of the metaverse, the virtual worlds. Please drop in and visit and maybe join us. we would love to see you there. Thanks again for your support. It is greatly appreciated. :)) Nice one Andrew.

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