Singapore Blogosphere WAR – itsReal

Four days on and whilst the posts are less confrontational, the Singapore Blogosphere War between &  its community and banned members continues. What has this created for Singapore bloggers –

Most obvious is bloggers have something to blog about hehe, oops seriously it has put reputations on the line, depending on where you sit and who you believe and your own judgement, someone’s reputation has been tarnished… happy and conducive relationships have been severed, alternative options investigated, all in all a huge division which is remarkable considering where we are – Singapore !

All parties involved know each others mobile numbers, their IM’s yet everyone went public, as I did when I was banned from

Why did I do so, to gather support for how angry i felt at the time for the banning. DK did the same I believe, his hourly scheduled posts went slightly over my exploits however he seems to now be backing down and his community seems to be telling him to chill… but WHY – he did nothing wrong !

I hate to repeat myself BUT at NEXUS 2007 announce it was an uncensored site for bloggers to ping their content – why introduce censorship in 2008 – why ban people for speaking there minds….why alienate strong supporters ?

What still remains is how will the community survive this WAR….

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  1. ping alternative, perhaps? like some one joked about a in another comment somewhere… lol

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