APLINK – itsReal runs past 100,000 hits – itsReal

WOW – for the last week I have been watching my stats and knew the day was coming – overnight this blog swept past the 100,000 hits mark, this achievement took many many months – so my blog crawls behind major news portals or some of the high profile bloggers sites out there, yet to me it really is an awesome success.

I started this blog without understanding then the power that a blog allows someone. It really is your personal window to the world, whether you use your blog to document your life or like me use it as a communication channel for my business and my clients, either way with dedication and interesting content, you will get noticed on the web – and attract like minded people which in my case have become clients, friends and both.

The topics of my blog include, virtual worlds (big-time), social media (so much out there I cover what i can), technology, health, and then whatever i find interesting…which also by the way turns out interesting for my readers….

So this little post is a pat on my back for staying with my blog – if you are considering a blog – best advice is make sure the content is fresh, also find a niche, don’t be afraid to be controversial, it sometimes generates the most hits and be prepared to spend time on your blog it will be well worth it.

Last thought, the more you blog the more you become comfortable in your writing skills. You really do become an expert and your ability to convey your ideas in written form becomes easier – next challenge for me is video posting – watch this blog 🙂

If you were not aware – APLINK means Andrew Peters Link or Asia Pacific Link – throughout social media and virtual worlds platforms search for APLINK and you will most probably find me as a member or contributor – Have a Great Day

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