Banning continues – itsReal

The BANNING on continues – another long time supporter of gets Banned – I am unsure as to the sense or reason for the Ban but it is becoming a Singapore catastrophe –  the Singapore blogging community whilst  growing , is TINY – alienating bloggers who have supported by contributing online and at physical events is truly astonishing. These supporters have used Word of Mouth to help spread through their own networks whether business of social, it was done freely in the past to grow the community.  Are these same supporters who helped grow not needed any longer, their unselfish raves to people they met about this cool community called a virtual waste of effort…the opportunity to take out of the RED might have been just around the corner. This latest Banning is a mystery….the practice must cease….APLINK


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4 responses to “ Banning continues – itsReal

  1. Trigger happy I guess.

    Click, banned.

  2. DK

    Did you keep count on the number of people being banned? What’s my number?

  3. @ DK: I think you are queue number 20.


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