Gillette the best a man can get – but at what price ?

In recent times i have been drawn in on both launches of Gillette’s new razors….first came Mach3 and then Fusion – hypnotized by the extravagant and lavish advertising and marketing that Gillette bestowed upon Singapore – MRT stations, subways & of course premium shelf spaces in supermarkets. Not to forget the advertising on TV, newspapers & magazines = I think somehow Gillette is yet to catch on to social media as I don’t recall ads in this space…however with all the existing tradional channels i was swept up in the wave and rushed to buy the perfect razor – its new rendition that bit more perfect.

Yesterday I was at the supermarket to pick up some groceries…and i came upon the mens section – all the fuss has blown over and the shelves have reverted to almost boredom however – what has Gillette left consumers with – massively priced razor refills – 3 blades (extra special of course) priced at 27.95 per pack – why do I consider this outrageous – i think it is more that Gillette inspires you to run to buy the great razor and then leaves you to bleed – not from a shaving cut because that is impossible but from your wallet – on this occasion i kept moving my trolley past and did not pick up a pack of refills – i will keep using the blade i have left… for a while longer – it hurts but not as much as forking out over a quarter of 100 dollars… for the best a man can get …APLINK


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6 responses to “Gillette the best a man can get – but at what price ?

  1. MrSoapsud

    Check out the new King of Shaves Azor razor if you can find it. ( Designed from scratch to be more affordable than the Gillette stuff…

  2. James

    Check out an old school double edge razor. The learning curve can be a couple of weeks, but the shaves are excellent and the blades are CHEAP. I’m talking less than $20 per 100 blades and 1 blade lasts 3-7 shaves.

  3. hi there, we’ve just launched the Azor in the UK, and it’s flying off the shelves. I don’t know where you live, but if you email we might be able to get you one. when we get it back in stock. best, will king (founder, king of shaves)

  4. genericben

    Grow a beard, best option

  5. Greg

    I agree with James – I’ve just made the switch to an old-school safety razor (double-edged). The blades are super cheap and the shave is the best I’ve had. The key is to use short strokes.

    You might find it worth going over to a brush and shaving soap/cream too. Not only are they cheaper and last longer, but gel/foam in a can has ingredients that actually cause razor burn, and the use of a brush can help prevent ingrowing hairs.

    Also, with these old razors, try a couple of different blade brands to find the one that best suits you.

  6. Jesse

    Comrade Shaveletariat’s, tired of getting gouged when buying razors? Get a jar and fill it with a half inch of mineral oil and keep your razor in it when not in use. This increases the life of the blade exponentially. The reason is because razors dull because of corrosion, NOT wear. Go figure, because the same collection of companies who make blades also make creams and gels, and the first ingredients in all of them are corrosive acids. Tell your friends at your next shaving party, so that we may once and for all vanquish the monopoly of the capitalist oppressor razor barons. Vive le partisan! For more details, just follow the link:

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