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Dr. Mirko Caspar joins the AVW Global Ambassadors Program

Co-Founder and CMO for Metaversum GmbH, developer and operator of the 3D online world www.twinity.com, Mirko Caspar accepts invitation to be part of the Association of Virtual Worlds Global Ambassadors Program.

Singapore, 18 June 2008 – At the invitation of the Association of Virtual Worlds, Mirko Caspar, co-founder and CMO for Metaversum GmbH is pleased to become an AVW Global Ambassador representing Germany in this vital and growing association and worldwide network of professionals interested in forwarding the cause of Virtual Worlds development.

The AVW is about outreach and education. Reaching out through our global membership to all corners of the physical world will allow the AVW to more quickly and efficiently, through the entire range of international perspectives, demonstrate the power of virtual worlds to bring people together, as if in person, despite distance, I warmly welcome MR. Caspar as a Global Ambassador” says Dave Elchoness, Executive Director, AVW.

In this voluntary capacity Mirko Caspar will seek to fulfill the programs aims. The Global Ambassadors program is meant to ensure that the AVW’s positive message about virtual worlds has a truly global reach. Global Ambassadors seek out new members for the AVW in their geographic area of the physical world. They also inform the AVW leadership and membership of particular virtual worlds-related items coming out of their geographic area that may be of interest.

I am extremely pleased and honored to be invited to be a part the AVW Global Ambassadors Program and look forward to bringing a positive impact to the growth of AVW here in my home country, Germany and around the globe,” said Mirko Caspar.

About Metaversum and Twinity:

Metaversum develops and operates the 3D online world Twinity. This visionary endeavor mashes up the real with the virtual world. Twinity offers its members the ability to populate the digital world with their own avatars, design 3D homes, communicate with friends, engage in shared media experiences, work or simply have fun. Members of the Twinity community enrich and expand their lives by integrating real life into the virtual world. Twinity is currently in its private beta phase. Founded in July 2006 and financed by leading venture capital firms, Metaversum has offices in Berlin and Kiev. For more information: www.metaversum.com and www.twinity.com.

About Association of Virtual Worlds:

The Association of Virtual Words is a global industry association for the rapidly growing virtual worlds industry. It serves as a resource for those wishing to experiment and explore virtual worlds for work or play. The Association’s mission is to educate, network, recruit, and further the membership’s collective goals. For more information please visit www.assocaitionofvirtualworlds.com

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