life without – itsReal

SAD – no more daily labouring to manually pinging my main blog (, wordpress don’t allow auto ping) to – sometimes 3 times a day – i have been evicted from, i have been excommunicated from – i went to visit to log on and that does not exist anymore either – the itsReal SAD part is that every time i pinged I got to see what the COMMUNITY at was talking about and maybe even offer a view – now I do not see because I have been banned – no need to visit the site anymore which i was part of the community – to find out what real people are discussing – which is usually sex – but sometimes gems turn up on – eviction is painful yet if you loose something other opportunities arise in OMG places like or – i will miss but blogs can and do and have flourished on a global scale…..aplink


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3 responses to “life without – itsReal

  1. Ahh… no wonder I don’t see your blog posts on anymore.

    * Left myself a note in Outlook to add you to my RSS reader.

  2. Ed

    There’s always RSS feed readers.

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