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When i first heard about it was at NEXUS 2007 – and what encouraged me about was – it was uncensored – meaning anyone or anything could be posted on ping.sgu-zyn himself stood up in front of the room on a microphone and said this, however this week i found this in my email……

Hi aplink,

We’re sorry but to stick to our no commercial blog policy, we have got
to stop your blog, http:///, from further
pinging For your information,
We have been doing the same for tens of other commercial blogs all

I’m sure you do understand where I’m coming from. It is to protect the
community so that it would be mainly about what the bloggers write and
not by commercial entities.

Thanks for your support for thus far and sorry for the
inconvenience caused.

– U-Zyn

Whilst I am U-Zyn’s friend this email is just ridiculous when companies like nuffnang, advertlets & blog2u have used his portal to make huge amounts of money from advertisers like nike ….on bloggers sites (isn’t this commercial). This only makes me think that ping has double standards –

For all pingsters – my blog is actually geared for distribution outside of Singapore and Malaysia, I actually pinged it to for news & care for those who maybe suffering or may have potential for a heart attack or death, as the sales on the internet happen outside of singapore and malaysia. -APLINK


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22 responses to “ double standards – itsReal

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  2. DK

    Hi Aplink

    I’m not sure about others. But BLOG2u isn’t on Thanks.

    Darryl Kang

    BLOG2u Pte Ltd
    Bridging New Media

  3. Drake

    Did you move to East Coast recently?

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  5. Joshua

    DK > Blog2U wasn’t on Never before? You better think twice before you answer my question.

  6. Joshua

    Uzyn : If you’re reading this, you should setup a column for commercials blog, i know no one will read if it’s all commercials only but perhaps what you can do is to arrange for ‘ping’ prices where there are discounts for it’s users. I am sure there is potential to grow in that area.

  7. AEN

    Dude you got caught with your pants down, so move on.

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  9. DK

    Hi Joshua

    Sorry, allow me to add 1 word in my previous statement.

    “I’m not sure about others. But BLOG2u isn’t on now. Thanks.”

    Darryl Kang

    BLOG2u Pte Ltd
    Bridging New Media

  10. passerby

    So should not have widgeous blog pinging to it because it is considered a commercial entity too.

  11. kami

    quote:AEN “Dude you got caught with your pants down”………
    so????. whatcha’ wearing now?

  12. Obama

    I support you Andrew Peters!

  13. Obama

    Down with Uzyn!

  14. Hi all,

    I guess everyone should calm down and understand that is funded by uzyn out of his own pocket. He is the owner of He has every right to do what he deems fit. Of course, Andrew Peters has every right to voice his displeasure. However, please understand that for to grow, like any other popular web 2.0 entity, there needs to be a constant source of revenue to fund its continuation. For, it is obvious that its revenue stream is from advertising. If all commercial entities (e-commerce websites, online shops, corporate sites) just set up a blog and are allowed to ping in and build awareness for free, which business entity will then choose advertising in

    I’ve noticed that more and more commercial blogs have been appearing in albeit some more subtle than others, but ultimately, all commercial blogs aims is to trying to build awareness through the community for themselves.

    I understand that advertlets, nuffnang, yourheartyourlife and blog2u etc may have appeared in before but now they no longer appear. Uzyn is not precinct, he won’t be able to ban commercial blogs before they appear and we all know uzyn is the only person (correct me if I’m wrong) behind and he is currently busy with many projects especially So blogs can only be banned after he noticed them.

    For the continued operation of, uzyn has to draw a simple and clear line: all commercial blogs not approved by him will be banned.

    If anyone wants their commercial blogs to be allowed, maybe can work out some advertising deal with If not, we should just respect uzyn’s decision.

  15. Hi Andrew Peters,

    I’ve visited yourhearyourlife blog as you’ve said in your entry, “I actually pinged it to for news & care for those who maybe suffering or may have potential for a heart attack or death”.

    But I’ve visited the site and the information I can find is about Hypcol. If anyone may potentially be prone to heart attack and suffers from high cholestrol, from the few entries I gleamed, they read like the best solution is to buy and eat Hypcol?

  16. I am just curious… considering what happened recently on ping, are you considering coming up with a ping alternative yourself?

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  18. AEN

    @ cobaltpaladin, nice one.

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