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This is REALLY off topic for me BUT I am shocked – i have just recently joined XANGA social media space and as I am interested in Alternative Medicine (for which my helpful site was recently banned from, it is very helpful even if sponsored) I went searching for communities related to Health and Heart issues, I found some and joined – however in my Search I found on every single page multiple communities for those who are into cutting themselves – from my point of view this is an epidemic that most of us are NOT aware of and only thru social media does it show how many people are interested in or participating in the act of cutting themselves.

I have seen this issue raised in Oprah but only thru social media can you see how many people are affected by this addiction.

So how wide-spread is “cutting” from the Xanga site there appears to be thousands interested in the topic – does the addiction also happen in Asia – are there support systems in place to help people.

This is a disturbing post I am sorry BUT – itsReal


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2 responses to “cutting yourself on Xanga its Disturbing – itsReal

  1. Cutting is just another way to deal with issues. Some people go for retail therapy, others binge on food, while some cut themselves.

    It’s nothing disturbing nor anything that needs to be addressed in any support system.

    They DON’T need help. They will look for help when help is needed.


  2. jordan

    i cut, and sham is right, i cut till i decided to seek help. its as easy as your GP(doctor), BE HONEST, COMPLETELY HONEST, THEY WONT JUDGE YOU!!! if your hurting horribly-bad, seek help! cutting is so awful trust me, i hated it, but i understand why people do it, if something awful happends and you feel alone and are alone! i understand completely. my parents are messed up and my sisters are way too young to understand, so i suffered horribly, till i seekd help.

    help is there if you need it, ask your cusins, uncles arnties, teachers etc. you are after a doctor/GP that is nice, friendly and decent. iv been to some bad doctors(from medical centers/hospitals that refured me to councelers that just take your money, and dont give you the proper care. help is there just look for it. i got the help i needed, i dont love myself yet, but im getting better! i feel it in my heart.

    22yrs old, mate. Australia.


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