Challenge: before & after with HypoCol for cholesterol management – itsReal

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HypoCol Result 1

HypoCol Result 2

*Cholesterol test results are conducted by an independent health company, Innovative Diagnostics Private Limited.

Mdm Lee Yew Kam’s Cholesterol Results After 6 Weeks Challenge has been regularly taking her capsules while maintaining a very healthy diet of fresh fruits, fish and vegetables and sometimes brown rice. HypoCol WORKS – visit HYPOCOL

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12 responses to “Challenge: before & after with HypoCol for cholesterol management – itsReal

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  2. Amin


    I am wondering why nobody talks about the very bad side effect of this traditional medicine.
    I am one of those who have high cholesterol problem for more than 5 years. After trying different medicine and visiting by various doctors I decided for one time try traditional medicine. So, I saw the Hypocol advertising and decide to buy and try it. Not only after 2 months and consuming more than 250 Hypocol capsules my cholesterol did not reduce but also, I got a new disease which was the side effect of Hypocol. I got very bad itchy rush in my palms, soles and after that all of my body exclude my face fortunately. These rushes caused to walking become difficult for me and even I have not relax sleep at night due to itchiness.
    Now it is 2 months I am struggling with this new disease and it cost me $1000 without any sign to treatment.
    My suggestion for everybody who wants to buy this kind of medicine is don’t buy it. Simply exercise and an appropriate diet is your solo way to solve your cholesterol problem.

  3. Raymond

    Mr Amin,
    Please do not discourage others from taking the said product.
    Even though i have not tried the product yet, but considering to take it, not all immune system are the same. It could be over-effective for some, effective for some OR cause side effects for some which even the Medical world also can’t tell you. So, please do not say ” everybody who wants to buy this kind of medicine is don’t buy it. Simply exercise and an appropriate diet is your solo way to solve your cholesterol problem”. Sorry friend, this could work for a majority of people! Who knows!!
    I m just giving my comment, not to any affiliate selling or whatever!!

  4. Joyce

    I have bought 3 boxes of hypocol, cost me $89 during promotion period. But later due to other medical problem , I did not start on it. It is in original packing. If anyone interested, I can pass it to you at a reduced price of $50. Email me if you are interested. Thank you.

  5. Melinda Teo

    Hi Joyce,
    I found HypoCol to be very effective. However, I developed muscle ache at my lower back and was wondering whether your medical reasons are the same as mine after taking it.

    Not sure whether this is the side effect of taking Hypocol. Your response will be much appreciated.h

    • Hi Melinda,

      I’ve also begun Hypocol a month back. Also have lower back pain, but I feel the lower back pain may be unrelated. Why do u feel Hypocol to be effective?

      • Melinda Teo

        Hi Colin,

        Are you still taking Hypocol? I would like to have your feedback on taking this product.

        It’s been 2 years since I stop Hypocol due to my lower muscle ache. I am not sure whether the muscle ache is caused by Hypocol but to be on the safe side I decided to stop Hypocol.

        After I stop Hypocol my bad cholesterol is back to the not healthy level.

        Today is my I first day of taking Hypocol again. I decided that since stopping Hypocol did not alleviate my back muscle ache, I might as well continue with Hypocol as it has proven to be effective in lowering my bad cholesterol and increasing my good cholesterol.

      • Colin

        Hi Melinda,

        I used to take 3 capsules a day. My GP is aware of me taking hypocol and encourages me to. On my most recent cholesterol test, my LDL range went from HIGH to BORDERLINE HIGH, my HDL range went from LOW to DESIRABLE. I haven’t been exercising, but I’ve slightly reduced the animal fats in my diet. My GP saw the results and was pleased, and asked me to gradually increase my dosage. I currently take 4 capsules a day. As for my lower back pain, it appears to be unrelated. I realised that might have been due to work, bad lifting, and my sitting posture.

  6. Melinda Teo

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you for your very prompt response.

    Is your back pain worse or the same?

    Previously I only took 2 capsules per day and my borderline bad cholesterol went down to normal.

    I hope to be able to reduce my cholesterol to normal soon but hopefully my lower back muscles won’t get any worse

    • Colin

      Hi Melinda,

      My lower back pain is gone, I try light stretching exercises sometimes. I just need to be careful lifting and watch my posture. Glad you’re back on hypocol. My GP says it’s just statin, but available without a prescription, and also might not have the side effects statin is associated with.

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