the(new)mediaslut Revealed – itsReal

OMG poor Aaron, Sabrina and Michael what kind of mess are they in – so it can only be fair that I step up and tell u who is REALLY the(new)mediaslut – for along time…..

…there has been questions as to the identity of T(n)MS (it is kinda hard working in the NEW) and her sometimes scathing attacks & gossip on media and bloggers.

I happen to know that she does all of this from some well of kindness that she wants people to do better next time round, strive to be more informative, more sensitive, more real – if you hadn’t noticed she is telling me to write this B…Sh.T –

Go away T(n)MS ! anyway…..

All will be revealed on – After the Break (it’s an American Idol thing) – Who Is the(new)mediaslut ——

PS: on a side note whether intended or not didn’t podfire do a smashing job of promoting it’s new FOOD program during this Public airing of issues đŸ˜‰

T(n)MS is calling me from her bubble bath – bye

T(n)MS – reveals bloggers are all Media Sluts


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9 responses to “the(new)mediaslut Revealed – itsReal

  1. seriously? this better not be some sorta publicity gimmick. hahaha, now to see if my sources are right..

    anyway, i thought all who knew the identiy(ies) of The Media Slut were sworn to secrecy?

  2. Spill the beans boys…..

  3. i think i know who….

  4. I knew it.. it’s Uzyn

  5. It’s actually ShadowFox

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