Masters of Sales Event Program – VIP Best Selling Author – Don Morgan

Program for masters of sales event may 22nd at 2pm 12 pm Information and tickets avaialable from:

See for more details. also

Fee to Attend: SGD55.00

When: Thursday 22nd May 2008 – 12 to 4pm
Where: YMS Arts Centre Auditorium @ 54 Waterloo Street



11:00 AM Venue open for Set-up
11:30 –

12:00 PM

Guest Registration
12:00 –


Opening of the Masters of Sales
12:10 –


Nancy Morgan is BNI Canada’s co-Founding National Director and Former Member of Canada Ski Team for the Winter Olympics. She has about 400 chapters and 10,000 BNI Members under her wings. BNI was recently included in the Top 25 Franchises in the US by The Wall Street Journal: Small Business. BNI is now in 38 countries.
12:50 –


Helen Lim-Yang is the CEO of OTI Consulting, a multi-awarded International HR/Organisational Development Consultancy Firm. She is a strong advocate of “Work-Life Excellence”. Some of their clients include ACRA, Merrill Lynch International Bank, Raffles International, Sentosa Development Corporation, and BASF Southeast Asia.
1:20 –


Intermission, Lucky Draw
1:30 –


Don Morgan is BNI Canada’s co-Founding National Director. BNI Canada is the first international franchise of the world’s largest referral organisation. Don, co-authored with Dr. Ivan Misner, produced 3 Masters books: Masters of Networking, Masters of Success, and Masters of Sales. These books are bestselling on Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, USA Today, and Don will talk about his book, which featured more than 80 of the most successful salespeople in the world including Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Anthony Robbins, and Martha Stewart.
2:20 –


Closing of the Masters of Sales
2:30 –

4:00 PM

Tea Reception & Open Networking
4:00 –

4:30 PM

Masters of Sales Press Conference

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