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I started this blog in October 2006 and due to my undying commitment to the commercial applications that WILL continue to emerge for virtual worlds when they become more stable, secure & social as in the upcoming virtual world Twinity, this position has allowed me to become a global VOICE in the relatively SMALL Virtual Worlds arena from somewhere as tiny as Singapore – the following post from Jay Deragon is amazingly BIG

Big and BIGGER has always been the goal of many. As adolescents we wanted to be taller, stronger and part of the Bigger crowd of in people. As adults we pursued BIG jobs, BIG positions and BIG money. Men and women pursue their own sense of BIG whether it be bank accounts, homes, cars or parts of their anatomy. Businesses strive to get BIGGER, media likes the influence of being BIG, Wall Street likes BIG deals and everyone thinks they have the BIG idea that will change their industry, their life and others forever.

Human nature is predictalbe and what we see emerging in the virtual world mimics human behavior in the physical world. Humans migrate in swarms following “scents” of movement by others. Some join the crowd because their friends are following the crowd. Others follow because they don’t want to miss something they anticipate as “happening” and yet they really have no idea what is actually “happening“.

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