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Social Media continues to be on a upward trend with people making their opinions and demands known. The recent XiaXue expose of the iPhone is an example of how a bloggers’ opinion gets noticed. No doubt, Xiaxue is a loud Singapore personality, but by making her opinions known in a recent videocast, she has gotten people across the globe talking.

The community at Gizmodo noted her video and Apple-elitist have jumped all over her video which mocked the iPhone. They spoke of how “Blond” she was, and attacked her bimbo-type personality. However, the point that we are generally missing is that Xiaxue has a point. The iPhone is difficult for long nailed girl to use. And the China fake-iPhone is quite comparable in terms of functionality.

The Media Slut has done a little analysis on this issue. TMS main point here is whether companies should notice the blogosphere. Our opinion is yes! Statistically its still growing, meaning that the community is getting larger. But with loose cannons like Xiaxue or other bloggers, how should corporation engage the social media?

The first thing companies should do is LISTEN. The social community is giving you valuable feedback.

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One response to “Xiaxue has a point! – itsReal

  1. This only goes to show the level of shallowness that plagues out society today.

    The fact that a blogger who is famous for being dumb, strongly vocal about stuff she hardly knows about, acting slutty and just the Asian equivalent of white trash is being glorified because she’s now “globalized” by a YouTube video reviewing iPhone?

    She can’t review the urinal if she tried.

    Approving of her internet hit wh*ring ways, attention seeking language and flaming certain corners of a subculture is akin to saying you’re proud of the bus uncle in Hong Kong for being famous for his obnoxious behavior or… the boy who YouTubed a self-made female abuse video.

    Apple users are NOT smarter than the average computer user. Some of them are just more passionate about the products than others. Kinda like a football fan’s support for Arsenal or Man Utd. And, if you love to hate them… they love to hate you too.

    But gaining popularity for an inaccurate review, and reaping rewards for the sake of bad language and attacking a certain niche group is a cheap thrill. It’s like saying

    “You shouldn’t get a BMW 3 Series. It sucks @#$. Blind people can’t even drive it. BMWs are too cool for blind people. You should get this Hyundai instead”.

    Case in point. People with long acrylic nails will find it hard to… use a Nokia. Use a microwave oven, press a doorbell, play the piano, operate heavy machinery and become a gynaecologist. So what’s the fuss?

    Some people can find passion in what they do or own. Can you say that about yourself? When was the last time you were passionate about something?

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