New Virtual Worlds and Virtual Sex on the Horizon – itsReal

WOW thanks to themidnightsun blog aplink thinks that within a decade the person of your dreams could be in your living room – but will the holograms be able to give you feelings that are real ?

holograms of the future

Today’s average person on the street has no idea of just how rapid is the catapulting of technology and just what is already happening in elite technological circles. Recently I had a conversation with someone and what I learned made my hair stand on end. I’m going to try to relate it to you. Please bear with me if my ignorance shines through. If you blinked you may have missed it. This week, the story was released that Broadband is basically obsolete due to new fiber optic technology known as ‘the grid’:

Virtual sex, you ask? Yes. And the technology which exists now could be about to enter a new dimension by use of hologram


Read More at The Midnight Sun

BTW – Has Second Life lost all it’s desirability – will it return to glory or will the media destroy its position in the virtual worlds market ?


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23 responses to “New Virtual Worlds and Virtual Sex on the Horizon – itsReal

  1. silver the hedgehog

    Oh my god. If this is a success. I can have the girl of my dreams(Amy Rose) living with me.

  2. hi i really want to play this plz tell me how to play!.

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  4. Sabrina

    I WANT SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. halle

    i really need sex im horney and every virtual sex sites i have to down load can u help me find one without download cause i want SEX!

  6. Jill

    All of you need GOD, he can fill that hole in your soul and hearts that would lead you to be part of games like this. It really hurts to know that with all the people in this world this is all you feel you are worth!

    You deserve real companionship with a live person, I will be praying for you to control of your flesh and minds!

    • alyssa

      Im especially with you. Do you guys know that their are kids out there who sneek onto this CRAP! You guys really need God in your life. I mean come on sex online, so not cool. You guys really need to go grow up. These things really need to be tooken off internet. I will pray for all you of people who have this sickness on your minds.

      • sorry but I gotta hand it too yeah people its true I”m a kid that snooped into your work and all my friends too but I’m trying to stop but I can’t
        all cause this sex stuff is addicted!

      • alex

        tooken? go back to school instead of having your head filled with this God crap

  7. andrea

    how do you start

  8. salen

    i want some good sex too i really want to play this games

  9. karissa


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  12. brian champion

    i want sex bad gurl i do it rough to come get if u want it.

  13. brian champion

    i want sex bad gurls.i do it rough to come get if u want it.

  14. wohh precisely what I was searching for, regards for putting up.

  15. katie

    i need sex now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  16. aly

    i love sex ooooooooooooooh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jane

    You guys sound like prositutes

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