Secret Location – Secret Plans – Virtual Delivery – itsReal

Last evening at 2100hrs a secret meeting took place in a secret location in Second Life.

Via the Association of Virtual Worlds a group of passionate people are forging ahead with plans to engage a much larger community into evolving and immersive landscapes of virtual worlds. Yes Virtual Worlds in plural, no longer is Second Life the ONLY choice for people inspired by the concept of connecting with people in an engaging, meaningful and commercial manner. Advertisers and marketers literally threw money at Second Life, a wacky fantasy futuristic 3D world – without understanding why – and they were right in doing so as the world took notice. Now the hype has been exhausted, it is now time to FOCUS on how to make virtual worlds deliver concrete and sustainable communities, businesses and enjoyment.

More to come soon…. (Secret Reporter APLINK)

Images of Secret Meeting
secret planssecret meetingSecret Location - Secret Plans - Virtual Delivery - itsReal


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2 responses to “Secret Location – Secret Plans – Virtual Delivery – itsReal

  1. This is great. The purpose of the Association of Virtual Worlds’ being is, in part, to determine in a focused way how to introduce virtual worlds to the public so that the medium makes sense from a business perspective. Say, reduction in travel spend, or reduction of carbon footprint, while, at the same time, increased workforce interaction and engagement and increased customer ‘stickiness’. There are of course countless other reasons for the Association, but certainly fine-tuning the message to the public — through a publishing division and a virtual environment designed as an ‘entry point’ — is among its most key missions.

  2. Archer

    Suuure. Virtual Worlds have next to no chance at becoming a backbone of future e-commerce activity. Forcing someone to adapt to a new UI, while gulping down bandwidth like a bandit, and offering a client that will operate with stability on a number of different OS platforms is unrealistic, at best.
    SL has proven only a few things – that businesses are better served with other web strategies, after the hype settled the “regular joe” SL user took their money and ran, and that a platform such as SL is rife…RIFE…with potential IP problems.

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