photo contest in SL – First Annual jokaydia PhotoComp! – itsReal

Everyone is invited to take part in jokaydia.’s first community art project/competition – which is all about taking interesting, artistic, crazy and/or creative shots to be displayed in their new Gallery space on jokaydia, which will launch at the end of March.

There’s only one catch – they’ve picked the location! Your images MUST be taken within the jokaydia Estate.

jokayida photo comp

For information on how to enter visit:…

3 Prizes

Each winner will receive $10,000L and their work will be prominently displayed in the jokaydia Gallery as part of their launch exhibition.


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3 responses to “photo contest in SL – First Annual jokaydia PhotoComp! – itsReal

  1. silkysmoothdecosta

    All Around Enterprises Announces the
    Arrival of the Second Life Lottery.

    Edmonton, AB (18/03/08)-This fledgling company has been known to create some of the largest
    collections in their respected fields and now they are eyeing loyalty cards. This new endeavour
    will certainly explode virally. It is simply an ongoing contest where your cards never expire. Rather
    you stay in play until you win a prize.
    For a relatively low cost of entry and coupled with an extremely simple rewards strategy…
    this company could very well turn all games of its kind around.
    The idea for this bright idea came from two young adults from Edmonton Alberta Canada.
    The idea was born out of a necessity to sell a large amount of email accounts… and they needed
    some bait.
    This contest is great ! The first person to be approached as a player immediately bought a
    card. In the second life environment innovative products soar… people become known for some-
    In 10 yrs AA strives to be known for original innovative ideas. When they can give away…
    pretty much anything… you know they have a chance of achieving that goal. Silky can be reached
    as SilkySmooth Decosta on secondlife…at and at .

  2. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest ~

  3. i am always interested to join photocontests specially if there is a great deal of price on it ‘`,

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