Prostitutes Cross Dressers Gay, Politics, Green, Cancer & Islam… the link is – itsReal

Prostitutes, Cross Dressers, Gay, pretend political commentator, Green, Cancer and Islam – what is the common thread to link these outrageous topics together – it’s Interesthink and yes it happened in Singapore.

Have you ever arrived at an event and looked at a room full of normal people and then these same people are given a podium to speak to you and these “NORMAL” people discuss topics some taboo others shocking – welcome to my Saturday.

To look at the people and even myself every one of us has no clue who each person really is, it is only with CONVERSATIONS the we reveal some NOT all of what makes us up as a person and what we want the world to know about us.  This Saturday a large group of INTERESTING people exposed and got exposed to things people believe in or support or contradict.

It was interesting to watch how a survivor of cancer could be incredibly open about her ordeal and graphic in spreading the need to help women who survive cancer, yes survival was the message, yet there were nervous giggles when the topic of SEX was entered into – again graphic in its presentation in a verbal sense – why do prostitues get trapped we were asked and why do the public treat transgender people with so much disdain when they are only people who believe themselves to be the opposite of the sex they were born with. Then there is Music and Islam how taboo is this topic, a prominent Green advicator  amused us about a very serious topic – trash –  even a suggestion we might meet our love cleaning up a beach, but then scolded AL GORE – on politics we had a pretend commentator who is ‘sort after “by the media for another taboo topic CPF.

I think however, the life story presented by the film maker which commenced with an amusing warm up exercise, whilst he went well over his time slot, the audience was entranced in his inspirational drive to be better than what might be expected of him – and it was a Gay Movie that pushed the boundaries and aided his success.

There was no mention of web 2.0 or virtual worlds (beyond my own within a small group excercise where i learned more about from its CEO) so why was APLINK at this event. I was invited – and i thank the person who invited me – sincerely. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own space we have little time or desire to see perspectives from others – this event surprised, amused, shocked and inspired.

We all lead different lives we each do things because of our beliefs or other social engineering – if you have the chance to LISTEN to how others view their world, it is an exercise I would encourage – it is after all an event – InteresThink


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4 responses to “Prostitutes Cross Dressers Gay, Politics, Green, Cancer & Islam… the link is – itsReal

  1. A room of people willing to try new things. That is important 🙂

  2. Andrew – Thanks. You described our event beautifully. 🙂

    And we’re trying to figure out what to do next.

    Thank you for supporting us in more ways than one.

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