coca cola blog for FANS ?

are there FANS of coca cola like there are FANS for American Idols – I guess we will find Out…whatever coca cola is doing what ALL companies should do – connect with their customers – well done coca cola
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Global – Coca-Cola has launched a corporate blog, ‘Coca-Cola Conversations’, to serve as a platform of exchange between fans and to share new products and marketing announcements.

The blog’s primary author will be Coca-Cola archivist and resident historian, Phil Mooney, who will solicit questions and respond to comments.

“We’ve created the blog to provide a forum for those who are passionate about Coca-Cola to communicate with us and connect with other fans of the brand around the world. It represents the first opportunity for people who have an interest in Coca-Cola to engage in an ongoing dialogue with us,” Mooney said.

Contents include features such as the global phenomenon of Coke collecting, open Q&As, story submissions, photography and videos of rare artifacts from the Coke archives, as well as guest blog opportunities.



By: Cherisse Beh, Singapore
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4 responses to “coca cola blog for FANS ?

  1. Benigna Marko

    I love Coke Zero, your continued production of better tasting soda is worth telling you. I recently visited your headquarters in Atlanta, well, need I say more, I thought diet coke was the best, prior to that I thought it was tab, but now it is Coke Zero. I don’t know what the product has, but I am hooked and seems like my weight problem has once again started. I need to device a new program and include your Coke Zero to keep me on track.
    Benigna Marko – thank you for such a good drink.

  2. sue

    Yep for over 40 years loved coke, then I went to work for them at a distribution center in my area. They promise you the building but give you the shaft. I have not had a coke product in over a year and will most likely never drink any of their products again.

  3. TJ

    Worked for Coke for 15 years and can honestly say that it was the worst experience of my life…. FUCK COKE !!!

  4. Have been collecting Coca-Cola merchandise since I was a child. Just created a new blog spot with some pictures of my collection. Please visit.

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