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Beta Spam – Coming to Your Inbox Sooner Than You Think

Source: NetworkWorld

If you’re like me you register to most Betas that are of interest to you. Even if they aren’t immediately appealing they can be a good resource of information for future content. If you’re pretty familiar with the Beta process and I’m going to assume you are, sooner or later you’ll receive an invite from the company holding the Beta. Now when I see any Beta invite in my inbox my eyes glow as if I’ve just attained the unattainable… and I quickly open that specific email to begin my Beta journey. I would say on any given month I apply to at least 20 new Betas and I use a simple method to track which ones I’ve applied to so I can follow up later.

Recently I’ve been noticing an increasing amount of Beta invites from services I’ve never applied to before. The emails are convincing enough and even read like every other beta invite except for a few minor details. The Fake Beta Invites tend to try to sell you on joining the Beta within the email whereas the real ones thank you and give you just the information you need to complete the sign up process.

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