the(new)mediaslut sends Fiction Press into Hiding -itsReal

TMS has spoken, well written, and Fiction Press has Heard it Loud and Clear …. long live TMS The Queen ? or King of Singapore Bloggers ?

Fiction Press today have NO Posts but only an in your FACE disclaimer:—–


All the post in the blog are made up. They are totally fiction and is not related to any person. And from today onwards, we will put [Fiction] in front of our pongs. Once again, all the posts here are completely fake and untrue.

We’re refining our posts’ appearance. The posts will be up soon. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Should creative writing be blasted, what is considered satire, should Singaporeans lighten up, it was suggested could be liable, will this lead to editorial control on the only free community blogger site in Singapore, is the potential of lawsuit by one commentor going just a little too far, with the law against homosexual acts not being repealed suggest a homophobic society already, is the pursuit of advertising CASH driving bloggers to be sensationalist, is it just easier to agree with TMS than to think about the loss of a small piece of humor, in reality there is both drama and humor don’t we need to balance both ???

Thanks TMS & Fiction Press for making me consider and think, did it also make you think – What is blogging all about ?

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