Legal Graffiti & Illegal Graffiti in Singapore – itsReal

Singapore 2008 and in the past 4 days I have seen 3 Spots of Graffiti… so how, this is Singapore !

Ok the legal spotting is courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank, The 2 illegal spottings are courtesy of some brave people who have defied all sense and reason and armed with spray cans have given passers by something different to look at….

…the clever people have got together and given Standard Chartered (oops not exactly given) Singapore’s first in tunnel video wall… to see it you have to catch the MRT from Newton to Orchard, even with the train at full speed, you can clearly see the branding, I wonder how much they paid…

…the other illegal graffiti can be found on Nichol Highway, you can tell they were in FAST mode because it looks pretty bad, however the one spotted in quiet MountBatten is truely a work of ART !!!

I wonder if these ARTISTS know of Virtual Graffiti – they can be as Digitally Creative as they want… and it’s totally LEGAL…it might even save them a fine or worse if they get caught ! – APLINK


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7 responses to “Legal Graffiti & Illegal Graffiti in Singapore – itsReal

  1. its funny you guys get so excited juz by seeing graffiti in singapore.


    im a singaporean and also a graffiti artist.

    some pictures of my works can be found here:


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