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Second Life finds new customers
Malaysia Sun – Malaysia
The Second Life virtual computer world, in which users can create characters representing themselves, has had a dramatic shift.

IBM Virtual World Defies Laws of Physics
PC World – USA
Ackerbauer and his team of 10 employees have learned both from massively multiplayer online games as well as Second Life. IBM interacts with customers in

Internet’s First Supermodel Now Makes Her Mark in Another World in
PR Web (press release) – Ferndale,WA,USA
She now creates replica 3D avatars for other celebrities who make an appearance in Second Life and recently even created look alike replicas avatars for

A Q&A with Daniel Terdiman, author of “An Entrepreneur’s Guide To – San Jose,CA,USA
As I veered deeper into games, he steered into coverage of the virtual world of Second Life. He even opened up a news bureau for CNET inside Second Life

Internet renovates how homes get sold
USA Today – USA
If Craigslist is the cheap-o version of Internet marketing, on the luxury end are the “virtual worlds” of Second Life and Entropia Universe,

Starting Your Business’ Second Life
Entrepreneur – USA
At any given moment, roughly 35000 people visit the most hyped of these communities, Second Life. Linden Lab, which hosts the environment, estimates that 35

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Second Life helps model real life transit system
By Akela Talamasca
A University of California, Irvine computer scientist named Crista Lopes has been using Second Life to work on her rapid transit project called SkyTran. Apparently, SL’s physics are close enough to real life that a workable simulation
Massively –

Brush off for Colgate Smile Power
By Aleister Kronos(Aleister Kronos)
I have now done an extensive and thorough inspection of the Colgate Smile Power site in Second Life – it took about 30 seconds. It is difficult to know how to put this, but I shall start slowly and see how I get on.
Ambling in Second Life –

Second Life snowball fight! Lindens versus residents!
By Akela Talamasca
There will be a Lindens vs. residents snowball fight in Second Life in the following regions from 3 – 5 PM, SLT: Eldridge, Hatton, Solomon, Hume, Kariba and Chukchi. This will be counted Round 3 in a series of snowball fights having
Massively –

A Conversation with Eben Moglen on Second Life
By admin
And, as the opening sourcing of the Second Life Architecture is pressing forward, I decided I must at least try to get the thoughts of my neighbor who is the great advocate for the role of free software as a fundamental requirement for
UgoTrade –

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