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Ondrejka forced out of Second Life’s parent company?

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From Wired

On Tuesday, Cory Ondrejka, CTO of Second Life developer Linden Lab, gave the company notice that he would be leaving the firm at the end of the year.

According to CEO Philip Rosedale, Ondrejka, who was the company’s fourth employee, has decided to leave to “pursue new professional challenges.”

“Cory and I are in agreement that our paths, at this point in time at least, lie in different directions,” said Rosedale.

Aside from the code that he created for Second Life, Ondrejka’s greatest contributions to the company were his efforts to give players complete legal control over their virtual goods, an idea considered radical at the time.

Ondrejka’s departure could signal a blow to a company whose title has consistently come under fire for technical glitches. His team was responsible for adding streaming video and web-integration to Second Life — technologies which have been hailed as huge advancements, but also decried as methods through which hackers can deface the virtual property of others.

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Living a Second Life
Macworld – San Francisco,CA,USA
by Joe Hutsko You’ve no doubt heard the buzz about Second Life,

the online world where people create virtual second selves.

Mac users are as welcome as
See all stories on this topic

‘Virtual’ training in Second Life – Bristol,UK
A UK law firm has launched a ‘virtual office’ in Second Life,

to offer interactive online training to its employees.

Life by WindLight
New York Times Blogs – New York,NY,USA
Reading James Au Wagner’s awesome blog, New World Notes,

The four most popular social networking sites – Cape Town,South Africa
Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world launched in 2003,

When the line gets blurred
Channel News Asia – Singapore
Take, for instance, some of the shenanigans in Second Life,

Virtual gifts’ popularity all too real – Erie,PA,USA
Virtual worlds such as Second Life offer another popular way

A patch for the Second Life Quicktime bug
Mercury News CES Blog – San Jose,CA,USA
By Dean Takahashi Apple issued a bug fix that patches QuickTime and thus protects the flaw in Second Life that might have allowed hackers to steal Linden

Peugeot Rumored Planning To Produce RC Z Concept Line – Santa Monica,CA,USA
(Photo courtesy of PSA Peugeot Citroën) Peugeot 308 RCZ already travels the imaginary roads of the online virtual world of Second Life.

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Family planning/contraceptives seminar: a big success!
By admin
Our Second Life official parcel Traffic figure on 14 December 2007, reflecting actual traffic/total visitors’ minutes on 13 December 2007, the day we had the ‘Contraception’ event: 1276 up from 304 the day before.
A Sexual Health SIM in Second… –

Second Life CTO Quits/Fired
By engijoe76
…..Was he virtually fired on Second Life or was he fired by real life interaction??? engijoe76.
Kotaku Comments –

Second Life CTO Calls It Quits
The chief technology officer for virtual world Second Life has resigned amidst “strategic differences” with Linden Lab’s CEO, according to an Associated Press report.
Next Generation –

Updated: A patch for the Second Life Quicktime bug
Apple issued a bug fix that patches QuickTime and thus protects the flaw in Second Life that might have allowed hackers to steal Linden dollars from other characters.
Digg / upcoming –

Who Owns What You Create in Second Life?
By Cybergrrl Oh(SL Touring Company)
I’ve been struggling lately to understand how to properly protect the intellectual property I create within Second Life. Here are some of my thoughts and questions. I would love to hear about your experiences and opinions.
Cybergrrl Oh
Around Second Life –

Geographic Data in Second Life
By Smithee(Smithee)
Now we have a route from ESRI’s ArcMap into Second Life it opens up all sorts of possibilities for importing geographical data into an environment that is ripe for public participation and collaboration type outreach activities.
Digital Urban –

Happy Christmas from UCD Library in Second Life
By Reader Services UCD Library(Reader Services UCD Library)
Happy Christmas to all of our readers from UCD Library in Second Life! For information about our Second Life project please click here or visit us in Second Life. Gortadoo Ewing.
Reader Services@ucd Library –

Second Life and Efficiency
By Harshil Karia
I’ll deal with the ‘reality’ of Second Life another time – what has really fascinated me this time round is the concept of how various people are using Second Life to optimize efficiency in whatever businesses they undertake. – Web, Advertising… –

Virtual Key to Boston Island in Second Life Presented to City of
By colinrhinesmith
During the event, Emerson College Professor Eric Gordon said the event today was a celebration “to launch the work we’ve been doing in Second Life called Hub2 with the City of Boston and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.
Colin Rhinesmith –

Second Life News for December 14, 2007
By Stone Culdesac
From: Massively Nicholaz “No ass-tachments” Second Life patch available on all platforms Quote from the site – Following yesterday’s news that Nicholaz has an experimental Second Lifepatch for windows that ought to fix the ass-tachment
The Grid Live –

Campfire Media’s Case Study on Second Life: Pontiac’s Motorati
Pontiac has engaged consumers in a series of innovative experiences, including Pontiac’s Motorati Island, built around a ”Power to the People” strategy. We’ve been extremely sensitive to the Second Life culture. RSS Feed –

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