Disabled People get a Second Life – itsReal

SL can be a Social network for those confined to thier homes due to the disabilities offering them a new life a Second Life

clipped from www.reuters.com

Disabled could think their way around Second Life

TOKYO (Reuters) – People with severe paralysis could find new opportunities from shopping to doing business or making new friends in the virtual world of Second Life by just thinking about it, if experiments being conducted by a Japanese university bear fruit.

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4 responses to “Disabled People get a Second Life – itsReal

  1. I personally think that it is not very healthy as it could create a greater focus on what they do not have in real life. Instead of experiencing life despite their handicap, giving them a second life that is virtual might give them a greater disparity between what they wish and what they could have….That is just my thought.
    On the other hand, I can understand how second life could improve the entertainment level of their lives in the virtual world.
    I know there are a lot of second life enthusiasts out there, and I wonder how many share my perspective…?

  2. M. Langer

    Hi Jeshua,

    I must disagree. SL offers people with disabilities the chance to build social networks, have friends, chat, have a business, everything a non-disabled person can do. And this does not only apply to people who cannot leave their homes due to physical handicaps (I know several in SL, among them a young woman who will be bedridden for the rest of her life after an accident, and another who suffers from the painful form of peripheral neuropathy, which prevents her from even wearing shoes), but also to people with psycho-social disabilities. The virtual world is the only place where autistic people can have a normal exchange with the neurologically typical without being shunned for their being different; it’s also a great training ground for them to learn social interaction.

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