Singapore Slingers WIN but snubbed by Mediacorp NEWS

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Last night APLINK and some friendly bloggers and, pingsters were again treated to an evening with the Singapore Slingers… They won fantastically ! 119 to 102 over the Brisbane Bullets… a shock as reported by The
AGE in Australia (see Below) The early start time gave plenty of time to amble home from the stadium and catch the 930pm NEWS on Mediacorp’s channel 5, I sat there getting excited for the Slingers that their triumph would make the sporting news…BUT nothing was reported, not even a mention. On arrival at the game it is obvious the marketing is workin for the Slingers as the crowd numbers were up, sponsorship too looks like it is heading skyward seeing the sponsors logo’s and corporate boxes all full…so what does MediaCorp TV News need to have happen to realise that Basketball is making a place for itself in Singapore ?

Mike Helms gets it in the Hoop

Slingers grab shock win over Brisbane

Cellar-dwellers the Singapore Slingers have caused a major upset in the NBL, recording just their third victory of the season with a 119-102 triumph over defending champions Brisbane.

The Slingers came into the fixture riding a six-game losing streak that left them glued to the bottom of the ladder with a horrible 2-14 record.

Read more: The Age


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8 responses to “Singapore Slingers WIN but snubbed by Mediacorp NEWS

  1. Great reporting, you’re absolutely right. We’ve got to fix that mediacorp reporting problem!

    Nic from Taipei

  2. Interesting win. I think Singapore will do better in basketball than in Soccer. Olympics here we come….

  3. DK

    WOW… Nic going to “FIX” mediacorp news. hahaha….

    Kidding. Well, I guess they will pick up the news soon.

  4. Ed

    I think the team is not singled out but rather in Singapore, a lot of other sports are left out of the picture majorly. The only thing we really see is that S-League or personally, they are still dwelling in that Goal 2010 dream.

    Just in front of my place, they demolish a whole row of carparking lots and the children playground just to build a street soccer court. “Amazing” Singapore…

  5. it seems this is kind of soccer without goals, hm? ^^ – seriously, cross my fingers for the slingers

  6. Yes DK, we’re gonna ‘FIX’ it

  7. Keep plugging away there mate – and while you’re there, join some mainstream NBL and basketball discussion at Ozhoops ( and – we’re one the biggest NBL websites in Australia and we’d love to hear more from the Slingers fans about how you guys are going!

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