Free iPhone from – 1st entry has been pinged to – itsReal

come on Singapore Bloggers get creative and join in..

Suggestions for – from The Young Businessman

…Call me shameless to break my blogging hatus to blog about standing a chance to win a free apple iphone. I’m putting all my expertise towards this challenge to help make the MOST appropriate online recruitment portal in Singapore.

Everyone have heard on an old cliche which is still being related everywhere and used by everyone:

Time is Money.

Any time spent doing unproductive things could mean a potential loss of income or earnings. I have decided to focus on the efficiency of by implementing AJAX technology and some other stuffs.


Read more at The Young Businessman



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3 responses to “Free iPhone from – 1st entry has been pinged to – itsReal

  1. Celine

    Gonna head out this week with my cam and put Recruit.Net logo all over the high traffic places. Say hello when you run into me. 🙂

  2. iphone related

    great music site for the iphone:

  3. So did you end up winning the free iphone?

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