Search Engine Rankings courtesy of – itsReal

So, how are the Alternative Search Engines doing? Well, there are statistics of all shapes and sizes that can be referenced, but here is one that seems fairly representative.

The $65,000 question is – if YOU owned every single Alternative Search Engine,
WHAT WOULD YOU DO to increase your total market share penetration?

Chart provided by Internet World Stats by permission.

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One response to “Search Engine Rankings courtesy of – itsReal

  1. Hi,

    That’s an Interesting question.

    “WHAT WOULD YOU DO to increase your total market share penetration?”

    I would try an bring about feature where searchers who searches on a specific keyword can interact and converse each other in real time as and when they are searching!. That is bringing a social interaction angle for that group on the spot.

    Courteously — S. Kumar

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