– Virtual Sex Life gets analysed by conancat – itsReal

“And hell, what’s so fun about cybersex when you can’t hear the other person moaning and feel his/her heat for real?” says conancat.

APLINK thinks ConanCat under estimates how humans need to fantasize, it is very REAL and virtual worlds today are virtually on a path to our reality just as the TV already is !!!See the rest of his REAL thoughts at ConanCat

“But this–Redlight Center–an MMORPG about love, dating, and sex, to me, is getting tee a bit weird.” – conancat




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12 responses to “ – Virtual Sex Life gets analysed by conancat – itsReal

  1. aww thanks so much for linking to my post! 😀 well i agree that people need to fantasize, no doubt to it. years ago we look at images on magazines, then came videos on TV, then came interactive websites with porns for you to click on, then even flash games, and now a sex MMORPG. i joked with one of my friends, “what’s next, a controllable dildo or an electronic pussy connected to the computer to *interact* with the characters in game?”

    hey that sounds like a good idea. anyone gonna develop that?

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  3. But does it count as adultery to those who are in a “real life” relationship? I discussed this on my blog, digitalmediaworld.

  4. flavio


  5. David

    Controlling real life sextoys from the internet? Utopia? Not at all, is done! A Second Life base company, the largest sexual “implants” company in world, called Xcite!® {} has launched a system that allows to control USB compatible sextoys to interact with the virtual one from Second Life. The system is called Xcite!® Touch and promises to be a revolution in the sexual virtuality. Always by Xcite!® there’s the new “hud” {an attachment for the body to control your avatar and your items inworld} for the “Professional Master” which enables the Master or the Mistress to control his/her slaves without to get connected to the grid of SL but from a Web based panel control.
    What have i to say more? It may sound scary but who really cares?
    I’m waiting to see the next chapter of this strange book called “Life”!

  6. Hey, I just wanted to say what a fantastic website. I totally enjoyed it and found it fascinating reading. Anticipating your next post!

  7. wowooe

    i want sex mate along cavite,,,,,just dial me up….09069371629

  8. Beatris Whinnery


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