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Publicity from Traditional Media and the Blogosphere continues to pump out, To jump onto the juggernaut just add “Second Life” to your press releases or posts and the world gets to see what you are doing…if you want a serious virtual worlds strategy…speak to me


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Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Second Life: Clicks and mortar – United Kingdom
Adam Edwards enters the lucrative world of Second Life This summer,

a part-time administrator at Oxford University, with no publishing experience and a

Medicine Buddha Mandala Dedicated to the People of Burma
PR Newswire UK (press release) – London,UK
PARIS, October 19 /PRNewswire/ — A Medicine Buddha Mandala constructed in Paris France,

will be built simultaneously in Second Life, in solidarity with the

Gramophone Awards tap into fountain of youth
Reuters – USA
The Liverpool Phil has been earning a fair amount of ink for a live concert it gave

in the online world of Second Life in September.

Power to the people – United Kingdom
Jamie Macdonald, vice president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, denies

that PlayStation Home is a rip-off of Second Life: “When we started

Second Life‘ Can Make You Rich, Fat
G4 TV – Los Angeles,CA,USA
Covering topics like marketing, advertising, planning and running

a range of Second Life businesses (real estate, clothing, accessory creation, construction

The wood between the worlds
Times Online – UK
Virtual worlds have been attracting a huge amount of interest this year,

driven by the success of Second Life, World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel,

Google Blogs Alert for: “Second Life”

Belgian Bankers and Blue Pills
By Aleister Kronos(Aleister Kronos)
Keytrade launched into Second Life at the end of September.

Their press release informed me: “Keytrade Bank was Belgian’s first 100%

Internet bank… We are also the first Belgian bank to become active in Second Life

Telstra/BigPond responds on Second Life bandwidth metering
By Tateru Nino
Yesterday, some discussion sprang up on the metered vs unmetered status

of Second Life bandwidth to Big Pond users. Telstra/BigPond is

Australia’s largest ISP, and for a variety of largely historical and political reasons,
Second Life Insider –

The Outworld Corporate Invasion and the Inworld Economic Slump
By Prokofy Neva
It’s a slump caused by lots of things, and summer is only one of them — and not really,

given that even in the summer doldrums, Second Life continued to grow.

You can listen to my podcast on some of this here, and to further elaborate,
Second Thoughts –

Belgian internet bank Keytrade sets up in Second Life
My post describing the first Belgian bank to set up shop in Second Life – w

ith pictures! OOOH!
Digg / upcoming –

Get a Life… a Second Life Job – itsReal
Next stage of Internet Spawns new jobs ..
APLINK – Asia Pacific Link

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