Sexual Fantasies…it’s all about BALLS

APLINK was pleasantly surprised….Singapore Slingers Logo

..when he scored a VIP seat at the Slingers latest game last Wednesday….and although the boys fought courgeously they missed out winning to the VERY VERY tall melbourne tigers….

Apart from the game, what struck me as another HOT reason to start supporting the Singapore Slingers was the Sexual Fantasies that were being unashamedly spoken and in one particular case, yelled by a very fabulous American chick APLINK knows who was sitting in the Brewerkz Box….

Basketball is a FAST sometimes confusing but highly entertaining game, the Slingers Cheer Leaders don the most amazing and sincere smiles that radiate out to the audience of fans, their skill in performing the split rose many a gasp.

If your into physically healthy TALL body watching, sweat, Cheer Leaders and crowds… basketball is for you, it can be watched in air-conditioned comfort, you can yell your heart out and of course Fantasize, after all it’s just a GAME.

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One response to “Sexual Fantasies…it’s all about BALLS

  1. Nice… I know which American you’re talking about!

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