Bhutto Responsible for death and injuries – what was she thinking

Homecoming Benazir Bhutto survives bomb attack

By staff writers and wires

Article from:

  • Car bombs detonate near Bhutto’s motorcade
  • 126 reported dead as body parts litter the scene
  • Bhutto unharmed by the terrorist blasts

FORMER Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto has survived an apparent assassination attempt which has left at least 126 people dead after two bombs exploded near the motorcade carrying her through the crowded streets of Karachi today.

The bombs exploded as a modified truck carrying Ms Bhutto inched along Airport Rd in Karachi where hundreds of thousands of supporters had turned out to welcome her back to Pakistan after eight years of self-imposed exile.

“There were two massive explosions near Ms Bhutto’s vehicle. We have 78 people who have been killed and 151 injured so far,” senior Karachi police officer Javed Ali said earlier today.

“At least 20 of the dead were policemen who were in three police vans that were completely destroyed by the attack. Many of the injured are still in a critical condition,” he said.

Hospital officials said at least 126 people were killed and more than 240 wounded.

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3 responses to “Bhutto Responsible for death and injuries – what was she thinking

  1. warren currier

    She stole billions (usd) from Pakistan and hid it in Europe.

    She was told (by Musharraf) NOT to come NOW– as it would be too dangerous.

    She refused a helicopter convoy — instead she spent over 10 hours on the ground from the airport in Karachi… on her way home.

    Over 150 are dead, and at least 750 injured.

    She has lost more than 40% of of those who were her voters, (including many hardened supporters)the Taliban is against her, and, more attacks like this are sure to happen again.

    Only President Purvez Musharraf and the Army can protect her.

    She’s totally out of touch with Pakistan today, the country has restored its foreign reserves (in her absence –and that other thief’s absence), and the sooner she leaves the country– the better for all of Pakistan.

    Benizir Bhutto is a has ruined her proud family name and, left unchecked, shall again prove harmful to the hopeful nation of Pakistan.

  2. Charles Calthorpe

    I completely agree with Warren Curriers comments made previously. Benezir Bhutto is the most corrupt, incompetant and racist prime minister for the history of Pakistan. Allowing either her or her PPP would be catastrophic for the country. Hundreds of people were buchered on the streets of Karachi when she was in power to cover up her lies and deceit. She is also a known racist when she referred to Muhajirs, the muslims who crossed the border from India to pakistan during the partitioning, as having ‘bad blood’.

    The Musharaf rule, although staggered at times, is much more fair and democratic than the Maliki government in Iraq and has actually benefited Pakistan economically. It is clearly an act of lunacy on the part of the American and the British to support Benazir Bhutto and create another unstable region together with Afghanistan. If Bhutto or Sharif (the other son of a swine), take over then we are likely to see Pakistan become a safe haven for the Taliban terrorists. This proves why the Americans and the British support Bhutto. Its got nothing to do with democracy, but more to do with flushing the terrorists out of Afghanistan and into Pakistan so that they can call what’s left in Afghanistan a so called ‘stable region’. Therefore the west are actually supporting terrorism by taking thee actions.

  3. Cletus the Slack Jawyed Yokel


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