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Service to enable virtual world, social and business networks users to make voice IDD calls to the real world, click-to-call service also offers advertisers new channel to reach consumers and businesses on these new and evolving platforms.

SINGAPORE. October 2, 2007 — Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd, a leading virtual properties full service solutions provider today launched an Internet-to-Phone Service with Wusic, a fast-growing internet-to-phone service. This service will enable users in virtual properties to make phone calls from within virtual worlds like Second Life and social and business networks to numbers in the real world. In addition, leading brands can use the click-to-call platform for promotional and advertising campaigns to reach to these new and evolving consumer and business platforms.

This newly launched service is based on, an Internet-to-Phone (not VoIP) service that enables users to initiate calls from the Internet (Click-to-Call). Wusic currently interconnects with all countries and provides an easy to use system for initiating calls and tracking of billing records. Users have been able to save over 90% off their IDD calls by switching over to Wusic‘s Voice Service.

Bit-Bit is a leading virtual properties full service solutions provider that offers strategic advice, construction, marketing, public relations and events services to companies seeking to establish footholds in virtual worlds such as Second Life and other newly emerging worlds. Comprising a talented International team of virtual world veterans, Big-Bit has in-house programming expertise to execute scripting for complex projects in virtual worlds. By utilizing Wusic‘s newly released APIs that allow inter-connectivity with social networks like, and other services, Big-Bit’s team has created a new and cost effective way for virtual users to tap on Wusic‘s Voice IDD capabilities.

Users will be able to enjoy voice services that will enhance their experiences in virtual properties. Avatars from virtual worlds,  social and business network members will be able to conduct voice conversations with users not logged into virtual properties. Specifically for virtual worlds companies already established will be able to receive voice calls and covert leads which would otherwise have been lost if not for the ability to speak to a sales or service representative.

This service offers companies an innovative way for getting products launched in social and virtual networks. For more information please contact Andrew Peters Big Bit Australia Pty Ltd in the Singapore Office, details below.


About Big-Bit Australia
Big-Bit understands that the single most important ingredient that drives humanity is the need to communicate. Without communications we would not be able to achieve even the simplest of tasks. We partner with clients to create the opportunities for them to engage with their communities in the virtual space in ways that are only limited by their desire to drive business and our imagination.  In doing so, we commence on a journey with our clients that is destined to take a business into new dimensions of communication, understanding and connectivity.

About Wusic
Your privacy today is paramount, the Internet has become a powerful tool that allows millions of people to meet online in social & business networks, communities of interest, wikis, forums, websites and more recently Virtual Worlds like Second Life. With all these virtual connections, most of us are our real selves but we are hesitant, and rightly so, in revealing our real life contact information. Wusic – The Alternative Voice has arrived to allow you to connect via Voice Communications to people you meet online, anonymously. Allowing you to take your online experiences to a new highly engaging, safe and privacy assured voice platform. You control who and when people can call you calls are initiated from the web to external cell/mobile phones or landlines. You and your callers have mobility and not constrained by headphones or cables. Low cost IDD rates on standard telephones cables. Simple to use Top Up Plans. Wusic, Mobility – Privacy – Promotions – Control

For more information please contact:

Imran Omar
The Pacific West Communications
Cell: +65-9753-8134

Andrew Peters
Marketing Activator
Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd
Singapore Office
Cell: +65-9451-9012

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