The Anti-Dating Site

“Online dating sites are total shit,” the 27-year-old New Yorker declares. “They don’t work. I subscribe to the site and then I’m free to write to any girl, but why would the girl write me back? They’re making money off of men’s desperation and women’s naïveté. That’s not cool.”

“Digg and Revision3 founder Kevin Rose, for example, used the site to find someone to eat ice cream with. He also invested some money in the company. “Think eBay for dating,” Mr. Rose wrote in his personal blog, clearly not buying Mr. Forman’s no-dating memo.

Gmail inventor Paul Buchheit declared in his profile that he was “looking for a woman who earns more than I do.” Napster founder Shawn Fanning wrote that he loves veggie burritos from Pancho Villa and does a “mean crip walk.” And former Valleywag editor Nick Douglas announced his desire for a woman who would have sex with him on a couch overlooking the San Francisco Bay—with the blinds up.”

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