LAWSUIT Case could smother web chat, says Whirlpool founder -itsReal

  • Founder of Whirpool forum being sued by 2Clix..
  • Stoush over “malicious” comments on products..
  • Software company wants $150,000 in damages..

THE founder of one of the nation’s (Australia’s) most popular online discussion forums says a lawsuit brought by a software company threatens freedom of speech on the net.

Whirlpool forums founder Simon Wright, who is being sued by accounting software maker 2Clix Australia for publishing comments the company alleges are “false and malicious”, says the legal action affects all online discussion and even film reviews.

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2 responses to “LAWSUIT Case could smother web chat, says Whirlpool founder -itsReal

  1. Ed

    One major problem about forums free platform is that whenever comments are submitted or posted, hardly any of these comes with hard evidence. If there are no evidences to back them up, it’s not difficult to see why the company eventually end up with legal action.

    I always advise friends to be very careful when putting up criticism and be sure that they have substantial evidences (already in possession) to be produced anytime anywhere. Perhaps that will allow their statements to stand more legitimately. This is also one area which companies are beginning to exploit because such situations often end up as a “my word against your word” encounter.

  2. I see this as the start of more blogs.

    The centre of gravity for conversations will shift to blogs, if people can’t express themselves freely on forums.

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