Sniffing Glue or getting caught with SUPER GLUE

Singaporeans are fortunate that DRUGS are almost unavailable in the Island state, so for those inclined to get a high at any cost there are legal alternatives…

These DRUGS are freely available ONLINE.

For sniffing glue there are an assortment of social networks that can offer your a moment of exhilaration and are slightly addictive. For the moment, (as we do not know what the Web 2.0 drug peddlers will create for us next ) the only SUPER GLUE option for hardcore DRUG inducement is FACEBOOK. Yes everyday the dose you get from FACEBOOK keeps getting more addictive and the high longer…

…the Drug Barons i hear have found Virtual Worlds the addictiveness of these VIRTUAL DRUGS will sneak up and around you and totally immerse you…as these are virtual no physical harm will come to you… but do seek medical advice if bumping into walls continues at the Virtual Hospital coming soon to Hipihi

For more real and sane thoughts on social networking visit these two posts at & Master of 500 Hats


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2 responses to “Sniffing Glue or getting caught with SUPER GLUE

  1. Dez

    my boyfriend and my bestfriend are sniffing sharpies and glue what do i tell them

  2. Ty

    tell them they’re f**king stupid. Seriously, tell them. alternatively, there are plenty of better drugs that are safer.

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