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APLINK has sat in singapore reaching out constantly to overseas for those interested in Virtual Worlds and in the last 2 days, i have met people from, Japan, London, Germany, USA, Australia, Korea,  Norway and Singapore at the “state of play” conference where the whole agenda is Virtual Worlds…APLINK is happy

On this four day journey I am representing Singapore’s Digital Movement Group and most of the attending are representing their academic institutions, media houses, Virtual World Vendors or developers. Its quite a different conference as ACADEMIA is the main call and to a much lesser extend COMMERCIALISM of the worlds.  LAW & Politics are also a common theme so far throughout the discussions which in the most part are devoid of powerpoint slides.

what i find odd however is the almost non-existence of virtual worlds themselves except for which has a display…in a side room…how much cooler would the event be if a few panelists where beamed onto the 2 side screens  from SL or there and became part of the “real world” discussions.

Anyway, APLINK is a happy camper – an enjoying meeting some real people with real visions of what is to become in the virtual communities that are only just beginning to take form… o yes Second Life is mentioned a zillion times a day.

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  1. Hey, my name is Danny Kim. I’m also at the SoP conference right now 🙂

    Couldn’t find the trackback address, so I’m leaving a comment here.


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