McDonalds – Getting Viral & soon to your emailbox – itsReal

With the Popularity of McDonalds we are ALL going to have to find a replacement for email very soon…
“McDonald’s has recently upped its word of mouth marketing efforts. The company called upon a popular consumer-generated video from YouTube to feature in a commercial spot about Chicken McNuggets and is using chatty avatars to spread the word about the Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap via email. Why all of the attention on WOM? Because it works.
When tens of thousands of viewers watched and passed along a YouTube video depicting two Chicago-based improv comics doing a beatbox/rap about Chicken McNuggets, ad agency and WOMMA member company Arnold Worldwide prompted McDonald’s to pay attention. The genuine, organic, consumer-generated-video-turned-commercial recently ran on seven New York TV stations and helped generate enormous buzz and increase the sales of chicken nugget meals at the fast food chain. McDonald’s is also running a similarly-conceived commercial based on a YouTube submission that featured two teens singing their orders at a McDonald’s drive-through. The teens uploaded the original video to YouTube, where it generated 40,000 views and inspired the resulting commercial.

Read more: WOMMA

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